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mary claire garcia – funky party of insanity lyrics


“funky party of insanity”
[verse 1: mary claire garcia]
oh that night you left me
now i’m bandaged up here
never to be repaired once again
look at me with those beautiful eyes
imagine and be caught up in it
so merciless
[verse 1: mary claire garcia]
what you’ve done
oh babe let’s dance around in circles
i whisper and mutter incomprehensible things
baby, come on
are you that insensitive?
[verse 1: mary claire garcia]
coz you’re an insensitive jerk
let’s dance off our worries here in h-ll
oh babe, shout your curses to me and i’ll sing them back to you
that day we’ve crossed paths
come on and pay up
coz my heart is so dead right now and maybe it can give still a d-mn beat
[verse 1: mary claire garcia]
like a dreamy rain falling off our heads i laugh like a devil
yes babe, look at your masterpiece
oh i’m laughing right now
let’s sing “lalalalalalalalalala”
o dance babe!!! “lalalalalalalalalala”
there wasn’t a thing to sing for from the very start
but oh well!