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masiah jay – you’re the untold (prod. by youngfrenchy808) lyrics


how many nights i went away
how many days i never called
so many times i said a lie
only because you were better off
without me around now you realize
i did it all for a better cause
so baby, you know
you’re the untold

[verse 1]

i don’t even know what to call it
i don’t even know what the problem was
till i delivered that performance
but i don’t really wanna get caught up
i remember that i made a promise
trynna get ready for the summer
you know i had plans for the corvette
so you know you bout to get it in abundance
it could be day or night, and you would pull up with the windows rolled up
see i know you wanna take your time, when you get up on top make it bubble nonstop
you love the way that i brace your thighs
but deep inside i’m not the person you want
i know you regret the day we got involved
so maybe that’s the reason i never called


[verse 2]

i feel that love, is fading now
i went away, and i did you wrong
i know i lied, but i made you strong
ohh baby i know that we’re done (uhh huh)
but tell me if you think about us
tell me if you thought about the moments
tell me if you thought about waiting
tell me if you thought about all this
it’s okay if you’re running outta patience
cuz i know that you wanna make love
even though baby i was impatient
you wanna know ohh baby, you wanna know


[verse 3]

how many times i gotta hit you up baby before you hit back
waiting on your messages hoping i get some feedback
about the music that motivation you know i need that
i told you i love you not knowing if you believe that
i made you alotta promises and i admit that
90 percent of it i couldn’t keep and i’m sorry i took advantage of all this
your heart is sore and i know i’m the reason or cause all of you broken pieces are missing
but look at you now i’m loving the level you on
i know i’m the one you considered settling for
i know deep inside that i wasn’t the best for you so executing the plan i did it only because
our level of love was that heavenly bond
to the point where i thought we could ride on any accord baby
but i’m hoping that you holla back
so i’m maybe tripping just thinking about the hour gl-ss god d-mn


you know, with all the possibilities
i would have done everything differently
but i can’t so, i just wanna say that i’m sorry
for everything, for real for real