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matt matt – 98 freestyle (live) lyrics


we getting gritty
it’s matt matt and the committee

i’m known for keeping watch on the block
i got anything you need in the crews of my socks
i be goin to the tippy top
the menace you can’t stop
and i bet that i could make your baby momma’s pants drop
bust them drawers
i be running from the law
in a 2014 ford
ha! but of course
if i’m transporting anything i’m on the iron horse
i been smuggling since the year my parents got divorced
i’m at the ball courts betting on the b team
stacks in a baseball cap
thats where the cream be
and if you seen the fl!ck
white men can’t jump
i been pulling the same scheme with the dream team
i win the cream even if you snag the victory
take your girl to crispy creme
and zales for the links that gleam
i’m fronting money clean
hope you brought the listerine
m16 and the carbine for ones that scheme
we in the range rovers flipping jeeps and testarosas
you wanna fix the card game
my homies best at poker
i’m on the corner flipping coca
on my motorola
in a stolen chevy nova
plates range rover
if i get pulled over
i’ma hit the gas
and put them numbers on the dash
i just laugh and ball out and cash in
wit a bad ‘ting
and her best friend
we doing bad things at my f-ckin’ dead end
i’ma catch my enemies before i’m dead
and i’m scooping up your baby moms in that cherry red
as soon as she put your son to bed
i’m getting checks
cash the money for respect
we gotta eat and i’m coming for your bread
it ain’t even safe to sell a pack a night
got task riding round the projects on mountain bikes