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mavi – ​moonfire lyrics


headed back to the apple a return visit
but the urn empty
i ain’t got the burn in me
i even turned tipsy
none of me’s concerned honey berry singed my nerve endings
none of this confirmed and this the sh-t i put my word into
still on the curb but the curves different
moving on the same urges that got auntie home burst into
still the guy w the sutured innards
the sky is in my future sense it c-mulonimbus whisperer
acc-mulate sh-t i sent for
-ssuming they don’t hit me
getting the love i give more that make my muscles stiffen
zupa di mussels steaming
cruise w a couple demons
lucid enough to be made to look dumb by my allegiance
cap trapped in my schooling rap asking for time to spit
unwinding brain mind and consciousness
i want her grapevined around my sh-t the same time her countenance decays mine and pounds it in, that’s how arousal is
silence at a premium
granddaddy still know my name he say it when i dream of him
forget it when his core is solid that ain’t where the meaning is
folks just got too old and i was way too young to see it then
i!!! just hope this sh-t reaches him
it hurts not to believe in sh-t when all you need’s belief and sh-t
it hurts not to believe in sh-t when all you need’s belief and sh-t
serving back n forth w venus tryna stay serene admit
i’m nervous racket borne w lesions slipping through the sleekest grip
can’t wait until my raps is more than stashes for my secrets
can’t wait till this casanova complex bring me peace
can’t wait until this master rapping finally reap some decent ends
got a degree in hearing ‘where do the secrets end’
gotta appease appearances spirit been leaning in this rap sh-t
i kneel to it annealed in my attachment
my craft is a cr-pshoot
i bask cause i’m a natural
i clash w my antagonist
i laugh: they think this battles new
i had failed off what i had to see
got the f-ck up
brush my self off cursing gravity
burning rubber to preserve my burnt anatomy my house a thousand miles for me i never felt more home
until today i never felt overgrown
the second step is to accept that sh-t ain’t goin wrong
these n-ggas wilted mavi never stopped growing homes
stopped growing