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mc allum – you don’t like me lyrics


[mc allum]

da f-ck do you care, if i dye ma f-cking hair

da f-ck do you care, if i take a dare

da f-ck do you care, if i become a multimillionaire

da f-ck do i care if you think life’s unfair
just get out your folding chair and do your morning prayer

im just hypocritical
but my views they’re nonpolitical
nor are they -n-lytical
i just think if im to make it in this game i’ll need a miracle
i’ll never reach my pinnacle
because of the government letting in everyone and anyone
i told you i was hypocritical
and my rhymes dont make sense its like they’re hyroglifical


[bazz doggy]
i know you don’t like me
probably wanna fight me
and beat me down to the lowest degree
but in a way your just like me
we both drink tea
both wanna go on a cruise of the caribbean sea
be like slim shady take shrooms and od
im just f-cking with ye
i know i annoy you cause i rhyme ab with c
and make it sound as easy as 1 2 and 3
and have fans cause i give concert tickets to them for free
but i can’t help myself im just me
cool as the wind, breezy


one day ima make it to the top
right up with kid rock
but of course in the world of hip hop
but first i gotta get of this rock
quit my job at the pet shop
-ssault a motorcycle cop
get caught, call in swat
right after sports goes on about a 3 point basketball shot
spit my demo on the ten o clock news slot
saying f-ck pop, everyone should be pro hip hop
over a picture of my mug shot
i’ll get hot
help me get on top


i can see why you might not like me
so come man fight me
i’ll gather a crowed and they’ll scream loudly
and all about me
[bazz doggy]
“kick is head in”
[mc allum]
“make him more f-cked up that micheal was without his medicine”
[bazz doggy]
“he rhymes orange with 9 inch door hinge it boring”


don’t worry you ain’t heard the last of me i’ll be back another f-ckin’ day