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mc frazz, mc molegrip – got me flakey lyrics


[verse 1: molegrip]

eight little lines to make you do backflips
seven days of the week we’re out grafting
six cups in i start to feel plastered
five white lines i’m feeling fantastic
four boys in the whip the tunes blasting
three game birds believe me they’re gasping
two bad boys we love to do mad sh+t
one place where we come from that’s bradford

[verse 2: fraz]

it’s me fraz i’m from a crazy place
where the bud’s on fire and it’s great for flake
we got bad boy birds and their game to play
and your drugs come quicker than your takeaway

it’s me fraz you should know me
looking all fresh in my stoney
dsquared jeans, no phoney
got yayo like tony
smash a quick set with moley (yo)

it’s me fraz and i’m feeling wavy
sipping on ciroc man, it’s got me flakey
tame ten birds when i drive ‘em crazy
birds from brumtown
birds from wakey
birds from leeds
birds from leicester
just sh+gged a little game bird from chester
scored more goals than f+cking iniesta
when i’m on the mic man you f+cking can’t test us

it’s me fraz and i’m back with molegrip
do a couple vids just to get the notes in
eyes all red from the weed i’m smoking
big fat spliff you know how we’re rolling

chilling with the boys in my subaru
driving erratic goods in the boot
see blue lights so i had to chip
i said i’m back on the mic with little molegrip

[verse 3: molegrip]

can you feel that vibe cause it’s sat+rday night
i got my dsquared jeans big bag of the white
few bottles at the bar, then i’m racking a line
and there’s two game birds wanna give me a ride
little molegrip i’m just living my life
hitting high speeds like we’re ready to die
can you feel that buzz feeling ready to fly
i can tell that it’s gonna be a h+ll of a night
back with a bally on my face, it’s molegrip
tryna make a living tryna get the f+cking notes in
k!lling every track b+tch you know my f+cking flow’s sick
do a quick set, left the club and then i’m ghosting

left the whole club hypnotised
i make the whole club flip when i spit my rhymes
little molegrip man i rip the mic
bradford town’s going sick tonight

and then i, head straight to the afterparty
said it’s 5am and i’ve only started
left with a ten/ten b+tch, i call her barbie
she had double d tits and she loves the charlie, but

she doesn’t want me she wants cocaine
i said they call me paddy and i throw flames
i said i roll in a bally and i smoke haze
and if you see me on road that’s road rage