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mellowhype – cocainkeys lyrics



[verse 1: hodgy beats]
mr. anti-love, anti-social, anti-visual, anti-vocal
i’m bottled in a bottle like a ship built in it
i dream nightmares through the window and my window is tinted
memories, i can’t diminish, preach to me like a minister
who is her? single mom raising a menace
a dog wants to ball, green like tennis
tossin’ while i’m sleep cuase my minds out the hemisphere
weird how we end up here
christmas without a father for my 19th year
my sisters dad wouldn’t bother to pick up he phone and call her
he wasn’t there for her, so i had to play the father
that’s why i’m close, close to the edge
with a 45 desert eagle held to my head
bread to the knife and my b-tter’s a spread
my songs locked away, threw the key to the shed
my life is goin’ downhill, i’m better off dead
wolf to the fur and the fur must shed
you know bopeep got us white old sheep
she like a pimp with a cane and some gold teeth
stake out with my n-gg-s and wait ’til they go sleep
hard to keep my eyes wide counting more sheep
egg head n-gg- and the key is the hatch
lookin’ far down the road, it seemed so farfetched

the world is unanimous, time managin’
slip like bananas, split quick, can’t handle it?
it’s difficult when you’re on your own
but be on your sh-t, mothaf-cka you grown

[verse 2:]
i’m hungry -ss known, i’m lonely all alone
you can’t reach me, because i don’t own a phone
i wish i had a clone and that clone had a pops
there with him watchin’ sports, there with him when he shop
doin’ dirt in the streets and his pops find out
he done dug himself a hole which you can’t climb out
but the hole his dad puts him in is out of love
so he won’t get addicted to the crazy life of drugs
teach him how to love, he ain’t gotta be a thug
it’s okay to show affection and give your mom a hug
why you actin’ all hard and sh-t?
instead of being who you really truly are and sh-t
for a n-gg- gon’ reach into his car and sh-t
on some foreign sh-t, pull your car in a ditch
more n-gg-s fake, less n-gg-s are real
some do the talking and the rest will kill