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merle haggard & george jones – silver eagle lyrics


[verse 1]
well, he rides into town on the back of a big silver eagle
strapped to his shoulders are the burden of staying on top
and the lines in his face tell the story of an uphill flight
you can tell how he feels day by day by the songs that he writes

[verse 2]
he’s loved by millions, somehow he’s their prisoner as well
as he rides down the road in his ten wheel aluminum cell
now he lives for the day that the eagle will carry him home
’cause the glamour is over, nearly all of his seeds have been sown

let him go silver eagle, there must be a better way of life
for this great american poet who’s singing his songs about
the everyday working man’s life

[verse 3]
one night on the road, just south of the idaho line
we were smoking some contracts and attempting to alter our minds
then just before daylight, hag pushed back his hat and he said
“are we putting too much emphasis on being a star?
can we do a little bit of living instead?”

[chorus] [x2]