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merlin – they’ll never see their pay lyrics


day by day and night by night
in the heat of the midday sun
in the midnight ringing frost
downpour and snow
gloomy miners
who have walked on the rails for years and years
wanting their money paid
shutting off the traffic

millions of trains have crowded around
standing still and petrified
but the miners won’t leave
they are used to sitting
finally the government
says the miners must be paid

so a mail train rushes along
cram full with stacks of cash

it breaks the speed of sound
hurrying up to reach the place

they seem to win

thousands of miles behind the train
so it remains the final stage
they’re gonna win
but the switchman was too drunk

and forgot to switch the point
the train rushes along the crowd
its hooter howl cleaving the night

but they can’t hear its approach

while the trains howling
they are banging their helmets, so…
they’ll never see their pay