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meyhem lauren – let’s hold hands lyrics


yo what’s the deal, ma? mr. thanksgiving is back
sh-t is real, you can tell how i act
i’m really feeling you
f-ck them other b-tches, shorty you the one
real talk you should carry my son
you want a baby?
let’s take a walk and reflect on things
you my wife, f-ck shopping for rings
already did that
once in a while i’mma cheat and get dome
but best believe that i’mma always come home
shorty i love you

[verse 1]
she was the color of an egg bagel
you know that simpson complexion
her smile caused an instant erection
i used to f-ck her on the coffee table
bust on her stomach, sent her home with a frosty navel
she loves that
my thug raps got her open too, heinekein brew
we used to sip in 22 times 4 then go raw
neighbors knockin’ on the door complaining about the noise
then she go down with no gown, i hit it with poise
i’m a man, she was dealing with boys, respect my d-ck game
bitin’ on the back of her neck, she had a thick frame
cuban with the bubonic plague, i had a sick chain
used to wear that sh-t when i hit it
just that with some socks and a fitted
at first she tried to f-ck with the c-nt, i couldn’t get it
and then she bent down and exposed how it was slitted
what a good girl


[verse 2]
time p-ss, you still the same, love it that you never change
it’s like your heart is non-biodegradable
we went through lots of sh-t but on the real we made it through
that’s why i wrote these fly words to serenade for you, for you
and ain’t n0body perfect in this world
i talk to other b-tches but it’s never curtains for my girl
her spot’s solidified by choice, i don’t feel tied
i said i’ll never wife and never if will i lie
when i’m shining she don’t sweat that
but never switched it up at times when i was set back
most women disappear when the paper does
that’s why n-ggas try to shine, we money hungry thugs
back to my shorty, my chick kept it a hundred
held me down when i was f-cked up, even if i didn’t want it
and that’s the reason why i’m here forever
my baby girl i love you like i love my polo leather

you know how i love that b-tter soft (i love that jacket)
straight up, let somebody f-ck with my b-tter soft (i’ll crack they f-cking head open)
let a n-gga f-ck with my leather (straight up)
that’s how i feel about you
crack a n-gga’s head open on the f-cking sidewalk man
straight up and down
don’t f-ck with my leather and don’t f-ck with my baby (word up)
that’s how we get down
outdoorsmen sh-t (you already know)
straight up, we do love records too man
we love b-tches, b-tches love us
it’s a motherf-cking love affair, but it’s no affair
it’s just me and you…and them other b-tches
but it’s really just me and you cause it’s who you come home to
f-ck them other b-tches (that’s real)