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mgblizz – burn (remix) lyrics


if this my one and only chance then best believe that i’m gone take it
recognize the real and try to echo out the fakeness
become the man i need to be, stop blending in like scenery
raps on a decline and i’m designed to rhyme and save it, boom
ahaa, b, double o, m
-ssume that there’s commotion right when mgblizz is flowing
and if you don’t really know it, well not many understand son
every time i go hard in the paint, expect the and1
we can’t be the same, i’m thinking as a leader man
beyond the danke schoen, i’m goodbye like auf wiedersehen
so let the needle play of my life as you see today
i’m more then just an average savage rapper tryna be insane
more than a listen once and tell me that i’m worth it
more than a struggle movement, showing you what work is
more than a falling star, read in between my bars
repeat the wordplay and then i might have a purpose
yuhh, and when the bodies start to surface
questioning mgb on the night that i was working
alibi’s are h-lla tight, too late for you to ask me
my point exactly, i run this like a track meet
yeah, so someone p-ss me the baton
i can do this with no chorus, i don’t even need to pause
scr-pping all this metal to provide the flow with bars
dog i’m bringing in this fire like my name is charizard
aha, i’m laughing, but dog i’m barely rapping
so doing this so fluent i don’t even need to practice
know i’m reppin’ god and then i know he got my back so
individuality is something i’m not lacking ughhh

ahaha, they say marco man, what’s the deal bro?
what’s with this rap thing son? i’m gonna be honest dog
man, when will you learn?

when will i learn?
nah man forget tryna learn, aha
i get every single one of my school books in a fire and put gasoline
and i just let the thing burn, aha
i let that thing burn, yeah!
there’s no point of asking me, showing you how i’m rapping
i get a full tank of gasoline and then i watch the whole thing burn