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mgmt – metanoia lyrics



metanoia, reshaping the world
it can teach you
and reprogram you
it can show you the flood
that’s trapped inside
this one’s alive
the tail is breathing
and she’s listening
kill the serpent
divide, disperse and grow
into an oak
a silver lining on a black scale
wicked hunter on three hooves he still rode
but where is the fourth?
you can climb there
to your lofty perch
it can teach you the fairytale of hurt

mystic referee, don’t look on me with scorn
i’m a child, i’m a lover being born
disregard the path i’m on
you can justify the action, should you bless
my ambition and my indecisiveness
let me know that you exist
watch me tremble as i’m answering the phone
i am separate from everything you know
mystic referee i promise to return
once i’ve given up and lessons have been learned
you can watch my fire burn

we were talkin’ junk right,
just before the show
this wild-eyed kid came up to the fence
he took one look at us, and he said:

“help me,

we didn’t play his favorite song,
now he’ll never come to another show

hospitals and woods confirm
red in the eyes of everyone
parasites and lovers scr-pe the meat from bones
turned into jade and tiger’s eye
save me some dark hair over a face like hers
she’ll help the rain come to a pour
bathroom floor of stone and tiles broke in two
warm where they touch her porcelain
timid skin i’m careful to untie this road
wrapped in a knot indifferent
lion’s foot unearthing all the things i’ve seen
but never truly understood
rotten wood from oceans that were never green
crumbles beneath the canopy

let’s pretend we never touched the sugar

tonight, under rose
you won’t find another wheel to roll
when autumn winds appear
we wear these fears on our right
it just wants to be surreal ’cause
all dressed in diamond image jeans
mercury’s found in old field
we miserable in love
and chance we walked
right on in, into the streets of the city but
watching people disappear
without reaching out
years and years
you’re left by yourself
on the wheel



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