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michael gira – my birth lyrics


[verse 1]
then i strangled your neck
because i love you too much
then i kissed your red mouth
because i love you to death
now mother i need you
i need your claws in my neck
every breath that i breath in
feeds the life that i lack

[verse 2]
now right here i was born
in the place where you kneeled
in a burning white sand
in the blood that you spilled
far far in the distance
i hear the howl of the beast
i feel his breath on my face
i feel the edge of his t–th

[verse 3]
and i’ll swallow your sorrow
and i’ll inhale your fear
and i k!ll your tomorrows
and i’ll inject your tears
so please never forgive me
please spit on my name
but i hold on to my memory
and keep me to blame

please need me to blame
yeah you need me to blame
you need me to blame