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michael martin murphey – jukebox lyrics


it had bubbles goin’ round and a big b-ss sound
you could feel right through your feet
like a beacon in the night with the green and orange light
just a slot machine poundin’ out the beat
played silver threads and golden needles monkees turtles byrds and beatles
really took a lot of hard knocks
and i met my lovin’ honey and spent all my money
feedin’ that old jukebox

it’s been sittin’ in the corner there a hundred years or more
just a watchin’ as come and go
just how many million times it took my nickels and my dimes
i guess i’ll never know
played betty lou peggy sue nadine maybelline
i watched the girl who flirted like a fox
and i never will forget her cause the first time i met her
she was dancin’ to the old jukebox

jukebox you’re the living end
jukebox you’re my neon friend

ooh-wee baby don’y mean maybe crank me out another tune
you may be only a machine but sweet little sixteen
loves to dance to you night and noon
play some itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini
cheatin’ heart and rock around the clock
cause my baby and me got a thousand memories
deep down in that old jukebox

jukebox you’re the living end…
[ piano ]
so play some hank and jerry lee and merle
they’re rockin’ all around the world
to george jones and rolling stones
waylon and willie and rockabilly
ringo george john and paul
stevie wonder does it all
lionel jenny and swingin’ benny
sinatra and bing ella and the king
aretha dolly and buddy holly and everything that reels and rocks
cause you’ll always be around just layin’ down the sounds
we love you old jukebox

jukebox you’re the living end…
jukebox you’re the living end…
jukebox you’re the living end…