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michael rafael – taurus lyrics


hook : al green

i drive on
until i get there

ima taurus, i get bored wit it
no, iont need that
it’s unfortunate & torturous
iono why i be like that
it’s cool, i’ll deal wit it
na na you can’t tell me sht
i just drip all over this – btch
me & al green get mixed down
this is for my sessions
l!ck sounding super lucrative
ima roll out like luda n em
all word of mouf in lieu of the net
in the middle of a pool wit a new lil thang that i met from the bronx /
got a lil att-tude but it’s cool
she a taurus too, i can’t front
& living out here ain’t no joke
doing what we gotta do to stay focused
working more than hoping
getting a lil more out of it now
this showmanship when i show up is something else / i’m telling you now
get a few thou
look what i do with it
send a thank you out
ima ram
do my due diligence with these bands
ima ram
my mom’s n pops too
that’s where i get this from
a ram
im a taurus im a bull
i’m a goat im a ram
so when i land….