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michaela paladio – missed calls lyrics


i’ll keep the door open for you
just give me a text when you’re outside
all right?

boo’d up
screwed up
middle of the new club
heart full of pain
champagne in my hand

doctor, doctor
why don’t you call her
i lost her number
she don’t understand
i feel so empty here
i feel so empty here
my drink is crystal clear
no one can hear me
hear me, hear me

baby, baby
why do you tempt me
3 am and i pull up to the crib like

what’s good

you don’t wanna fight no more
just get drunk
throw your clothes on the floor
beggin’ me for more

doctor, doctor
i went and called her
said i missed her
then i pulled up to the crib like
do you miss me now?
do you miss me now?
i miss you so much, my love
it’s been so long since i seen you