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mïghtŷ möt – presence lyrics



2 4 6 with best life
2 4 6
and i’m living with the best wife

2 4 6
no discussion
yea right
i’ve been seen money till my mind got blinded

started from the bottom
look at the gratitude

i come to this with a different attitude

live alright
showing of
what jyah do

just be calm
gotta be right

i know
they got lovers on what i do
f+ck the haters
and how they feel
they come and give me all the supplies
surprise lil homie
don’t be wise in your own eyes

no attachments to the past
only moving to thе future
can’t get caught in confusion

it’s all about living a honest lifе x2

obey to the next life x3
obey unto the next life x3
( batama ) xxxxx

hallelujyah hosanna x5
hosanna x4
hallelujyah hosanna
there’s nothing like jyahs presence x2

wake up in the morning
on my knees
bless themosthigh
yea gs
ducking a pagan
when i see em amma bomb em
with a gold watch gold everything

2 fl!cks to pitch right
2 snitches
would get cut in their thigh
bless themosthigh high high
up up up highhh high high
you can’t
pass me by with a lie

cut that fake shx
open your eyes
praise the lord let’s rise
hallelujyah hosanna

she told me that she wonna be my all
but she don’t wonna
come on with this vibe
she don’t wonna catch it
in her mind
man they wonna enslave a guy like hallelujyah

hosanna x5 xxxxxx

nothing like jyah presence yhh

there’s nothing like jyah’s presence

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