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migos – culture* lyrics



[verse 1: quavo]
havin’ mob ties
came a long way from perry ellis
first time i saw a drug dealer
meet the plug was on the movie belly
huncho season no lettuce
we only f-ck her if she let us
she pop a school bus, bettis
she eat my hot dog with no relish
we don’t do flex or wrestlin’ (naw)
quarter mill under my down in my mansion
magnum up under my mattress
tony he gonna attack you
remember them n-gg-s was laughin’
remember them n-gg-s was havin’
remember them n-gg-s was askin’ (now)
d-mn them n-gg-s still askin’ (aye)
we in the game, you in the bleachers
30k for a feature (30)
i thought you said you didn’t see me
now you wanna treat me like we been eatin’
celiné bag was a dream man
she thick as f-ck
i’ve never seen that
oh i’ve never seen that
i’ve never seen that