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miguel – adorn (dj tedsmooth remix) lyrics


(feat. diddy & french montana)

[intro: diddy (miguel) {dj ted smooth}]
aiyyo! (always adorn you yeah!) this, is, the remix
(you gotta know now, you gotta know now now nowwwwww!!!)
i ain’t say that in a minute, miguel! french montana! bad boy!
yo ted smooth! {ted smooth! straight face! you remember!}

[verse 1: diddy {sample from “kick in the door” by notorious b.i.g.}]
aiyyo your love is like perfection (like perfection) my protection (my protection)
yeah! my resurrection (let’s rock!)
i need it when i be stressin (uh huh!)
you the ingredients to my blessings
murk the streets out (come on!) murder the beach house
jump in convertibles jeeps to peace out
used to get you open, all gold benz (yeah!)
gold ropes and gazellies with no lens (woo!)
you know that bad boy gang, cold as cocaine
smooth like coltrain, groovy like (soul train)
i kick in the door wavin the four four {biggie}
if i ever hear you say that you don’t love me no more

[verse 2: miguel]
these, lips (can’t rock don’t stop come on) can’t wait to taste your skin
(oh yeah you know we back!) baby! no no now!
and these eyes, yeah, i can’t wait to see your grin, oooh oooh baby!

[chorus: miguel (diddy) {french montana}]
juuussssttt! (like this let’s rock! come on!) leeeettttt my love, just let my love adorn you
please baby!!! yeahhhh! you gotta knoooow! you gotta know {montana!}
you know that i adorn you! {los! c and m!} (bad boy baby!) yeah baby!
(c-ke boyz!) {what! ha!!!!}

[verse 3: french montana {sample from “kick in the door” by notorious b.i.g.} ((diddy))]
roll my weed, transform my v
drop here me and puff b-mpin b.i.g. {biggie!}
ride with your main squeeze (ha!) watch her face freeze (ha!)
watch about a hundred baby they don’t make these (bling!!!)
versace robe, medusa and the lion here (ha!)
it’s true pimpin no blue ribbon just tyin bread (ha!)
and you can tell by the swag baby (ha!)
shorty ‘gon buss it open before i bag baby (ha!)
((yeah!)) jump in the whip (whip!) dippin from the haters (haters!)
d-mn! why they wanna stick me for my paper?! (ha!) ((i don’t know))
lil’ mama scooped me in the big body (body!)
((come on!)) blew her back out and now she tellin ev’rybody

[verse 4: miguel (diddy)]
baby these, fists girl (sing!) will always protect ya
(ain’t nothin like a bad boy remix!) lady! (ted smooth!)
and this, mind, oooh will never neglect you, yeah baby! oooh oooh oooh!
and they stay tryin to break us down, but don’t let that affect us, no baby!

[chorus: miguel]
you just gotta let my love! let my looooooovvveee! let my love adorn you
ah let-let-let-let it just adorn you
you gotta know, you gotta know, know that i adorn you, just that babe
iiiiiiiiiiii!!!! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! oh ah! let my love adorn you baby
don’t you ever, don’t you let n-body tell you different baby
always adorn you, you gotta know now, you gotta know now now nowwwwww!!!

[bridge: miguel]
oooh oooh oooh! oh yeaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
the same way that the stars, do in the skies yeah!
(na na na yeah!) oh!! and look up sugar! (na na na yeah!)
na na hey hey hey!!! the same way that the whole world’s in your eyes
(let me look in your eyes baby!) oooh and it’s time now

[outro: miguel]
you ohhhhh! let! let my looooovvvvvvvveee!!! adorn you baby!
hey! let-let-let it dress you down!
you got to know baby! oh you gotta know!!!! let my love adorn you girl!!!
oh and love ain’t never look so good adorn girl!!!
oh put it on baby! let my love! looovvveeeeee!!!!!

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