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mike stud – sammy’s shadow lyrics


sammy’s shadow

“don’t know why i love you
don’t know why i love you”

sammy’s shadow never leaves me
these other women can’t seem to appease me
sammy was a girl that i fell in love with, typical club chick, that had more flavor than a sunkist
met her in september, wiped her by november
dated one semester, left her then forget her
calculated moves, socialite agenda
didn’t care for you, i was her favorite letter
hair done, with the makeup nice
wiped up but she was more like the breakup type
always h-t the club, didn’t worry ’bout a backlash
life full of problems, i ain’t talking math cl-ss
fightin’ every night, never needed that trash
left just to come back, whole lot a packed bags
sorority chick, didn’t like it but did it in spite
of just to feel important and sh-t
always worried ’bout how she looked
got good grades for the status but didn’t give a f-ck about the books
they say emotions run deep, she never let them show
drown ‘em out, she drinking on a steady flow
‘cuz the cover up couldn’t cover up enough
good skin, the cover up was just a bluff
s-xy in a dress nonetheless, she still shy
confidence was low – had to wear heels high
sammy never was an easy fix, always quittin’
chick would up and leave me quick
always b-tchin’, always on some needy sh-t
selfish, never came to see me pitch
uh, and i hated her for that
i needed her to be there
and i hated her for that
i broke up with sammy, couldn’t wait to leave
told her what i thought, emotions on the sleeve
fast-forward a year, life’s a lot different
top of the world but something still missing, yeah
y’all know the half of that
whatever we had, can we have it back?

“i’m just a lonely man, like my sanity
wishing i could find a match, my mind ain’t what it used to be…”
“don’t know why i love you
don’t know why i love you”