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mimosa de valois - the brightest, the most poignant lyrics


the same womb sends the knitted soul twenty years later in flames
my worth is weighted by how many times i have taken my price tag out in dates
trying on a wedding dress every night, sounds like when the same knee that begged scr+pes
now you can prove me wrong with your penmanship´s takes
even the greatest speeches can´t make man´s eye´s build unalloyed lakes
please react to what i just said, sometimes they can´t because of how much it weights

then she threw the, you are not going into college at my face
the only person who knew my capacity in the case
brightest in the class, but too poignant to keep up with their pace
your mom can´t get out of bed, and i will have to be awake for the rest of my days
with the guilt of eating the joint sun, and not helping it shine from where it lays
my daughter got all the praise
mom please, i only pierced myself with that phrase

only an uneducated soul decays
flourishing like bolter´s valedictory bouquets
have you spent any abhorred night in these aches?
i wanted to have a comradeship that never plagues
it was never about me being a language no one translates
it was about me bleeding from pompous veins
i never get full focus from your love because it always takes
then he threw the, what else is new, which boy is rooting your aches?
not that you would ever know, lassitude never leaves a trace
i was pushed at a margin, turning lovers into roommates
the daughter of yale alumni´s
but too poignant to graduate with schoolmates
i wanted redamancy, you wanted me to live up to the aristocracy in my veins

i rolled myself and my comfort down the staircase
i couldn´t find a home as a building, so i tried to find a person who stays
the man who loved me through it all, left the scene from the same case
waiting left me with a mandate, pull my hand or let me walk away with grace
i knew you would leave me in the margin, so this time i was brave
their knee time was too short to gain the carpet burns and soul stains
if i said yes, would have i begged the rest of my life for the vowed tales?

wisteria under my frozen porch, i let every man drop their gaze
hysteria knocked me down, i let a man see my, i saw it coming face

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