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miquo – sos lyrics


welcome to death row
look at the wealth grow
watch for them n-gg-s that’s plottin
imma just aim for the noggin
movin with stealth
i gotta do for myself
this ain’t unusual
momma wasn’t home
when i was young
so what is you to do
get a scholarship and f-cked it up cus i’m a juvenile
lackin direction so i got stuck i wasn’t moveable
useable wh-r-s inside the city of the purple
musical noise in my head i couldn’t hurdle the feelin
word to the villains i’m cold
the good guys finish last
realest sh-t ever told
the hood guys gettin cash
they inspire the youth
i ain’t gon lie i’m doin bad
but i’m flyer than you
n-gg- i’m focus on a bag
where my tie and my suit
i gotta get what i ain’t had
boudda try something new
i always get the last laugh
why you c-ckin the tool?
n-gg- just tryna have a blast
with ya girlfriend too
you breakin the rules duke

live by the m-th-f-ckn code
save hiphop
don’t save hoes
made men
no origami
we can’t fold
stand up guys
like legos