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mir fontane – theme song lyrics


“now darnell turn that beat down!”

[verse 1]
before we get started
i’ll say hi my name is martin
i go harder than the carter
but nah, ain’t from new orleans
i’m the real fresh prince i’ll pull willis out a carlton
oops i mean a coffin, tell the haters hop off ‘em
n-ggas spittin’ sick sh-t, the flow covered in anthrax
the hottest n-gga underground, i should work for amtrak
please don’t talk that fly sh-t cuz that’ll get ya mans wet
buckshot buckshot, like the back of pam’s neck
and tommy still ain’t got no job
and gina still got them lips to suck a corn off a cob
this ain’t ya average episode of “martin and friends”
just sit back, press play, and let the story begin
it’s fontane, man