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mistweaver – a madman’s epitaph lyrics


looking from this window
the full moon in the night
waiting for the end
for my death to come

madness in my mind
voices in my head
visions of the dead
i scream and cry

twisted are my thoughts
my lunatic brain
may soon the gallows
release my soul

out there in the street
the crowd want me to die
the rope tightens round my neck
i’ll soon hang at the gallows’ end

soon i’ll be dead
but never forgotten
never forgiven
for my legacy of pain

a legacy of death
and depravated tortures
when the night comes
even dead i’ll be remembered

children will be warmed
about the madman i was
and in their nightmares
i will appear
now it’s time to die
may death relieve my pain
my enraged eyes
will turn into blood