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mit mj rips – early winter lyrics


[verse 1: mit mj rips]
so i must have been five or four
when i saw him leave the front door
and it was hard to comprehend
especially a young, good friend
goes to a better place
when you are in his sp-ce
where you played silent hill
now room is silent still
no more pro skater tony hawk
and you are afraid to talk
because he was her only child
and the ride was so fast and wild
now all you have is blurred memories
i’m praying to the lord to see him please
that’s a huge difference
and life has been changed since

[hook: mit mj rips]
as an early winter falls
and red roses lose their color
so they wilt after they just bloom
so the garden becomes a tomb

[verse 2: mit mj rips]
so it’s j o h n
it’s hard to comprehend
sitting in the car watching the lost episode
but the car is parked and we were not on the road
and we were parked outside the school’s chapel
at the time, i did not understand still
it must have been the wake or funeral
recalling that just gave me a true chill
it’s the same thing i did for my baby cousin
when a family member died young and sudden
even with the experience
but it made not one difference
so now when i saw her in the coffin
the four last things are never forgotten


[verse 3: mit mj rips]
my godfather entered the hospital
and that brought back the similar chill
this time i knew he’s still alive
so i prayed he would survive
because next year is my confirmation
too bad that year he had a cremation
this hurt even more than the one before
because on the back of his bathroom door
at six years, i wrote k!ll
and the mark was there still
that is a bitter pill
but i was young, he was joking
as the fire began smoking
i use to see his urn
and think of all i learn
from a man close like a father
causes the emotions to stir
now the mother who lost the only child
she is now a widow and that is wild
so i picked her to be my sponsor
cause she raised me to be the man sir


[verse 4: mit mj rips]
i just turned eighteen on the holy innocents
as i’m swinging a truible and incents
the day i was born serving a funeral
and now i do not want to be there still
it’s a friend’s grandfather
and that makes it harder
as she serves and stands by my side
i am there for her no pride
plus her age, i lost my granddad
that day was so fast, wild, and sad
the two men were a lot a like
hearing the priest on the church mic
this connection is solidarity
i am doing this for charity
because i have been there frankly
and humans, we’re all family


[outro: mit mj rips]
when the light is harder to see
you close up and get cabin fever