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mitty t – blessed pt.2 lyrics


you don’t even know what i’m been through, yeah yeah
posting all these pictures on my instagram, oh yeah
gang gang ive been hanging with my gang it’s the same thing
posting all these b-tches from 2018
cause this year i ranked up
i got so many motherf-cking girls that you can never say something
cause you can never talk sh-t
cause baby i’ve been making all the motherf-cking hits
mitty t you don’t know what you’re taking about
man this is the rolex gang
pull up on ya gang gang himalayan sayin sane, yup

himalayan sayin sane pull up with my gang gang
all my n-gg-s with me like a ying yang
and i pull up on the money, ea
cause i know i’m east tennessee saying yeet yeet, yeah yeet yeet
put up on that b-tch in the house and then we pull up and go skeet skeet
i’m not in the olympics so i can not go skate skate
but i can pull up to your b-tch and we saying once again, you know skeet skeet
2018 this my blow up year
2018 my blow up year, anathema told me that so i should get a beer
yeah yeah, sit back and relax for a little minute
you don’t even know what i been through so why you tryna talk sh-t
mitty t on some real sh-t so why you tryna do that to him
gang gang i pull up on every motherf-cking attempt, yep yep