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mizzy mack – lost souls lyrics


{intro: jay century}
ohhh, ohhh
we’re gonna get serious
we’re gonna get serious

{bridge: mizzy mack and jay century]
(to who it ever concerns)
yeah so, i remember, shit was crazy
too much was going on
(i’m low and at my worst)
so, i’m in high school senior year
tryna get myself to new york, tryna graduate
helping my mom pay bills and shit
(tryna count my blessings, yeah)
too much, to much, too much pressure
too much dealing with too much stuff
(but, my life feels like a curse)
and i remember i got into an altercation at school
(tryna spread my name)
you know, i was, about prom
i was i was tryna go to prom
i was to ready to give up everything
(thrown right into the dirt)
ready to stop paying no money for prom
just to go to new york of whatever
(how can i pretend that, as if
this shxt just doesn’t hurt, yeah)
i remember, i want, i want to work
(nothing works)
saturday, came home, my brother called me
like yeah w-ssup bro
so i’m like w-ssup bro, so he like
(weed don’t numb the pain no more)
yeah bro, i’m not, i love you bro, like i’m not
i’m not gone, im not gone see you, when you
(i’m about to try some perks)
this the last time i’ma see you
so i’m like what you mean, like you
not gone come see me for graduation
(i’m dead inside, i’m dead inside)
so he like nah, he said, he said nah bro
(bout to put me in a he-rs-)
i’m just messing with you, this last time
ima see you, i love you though
so i’m just like, its like 3 o clock in the morning
i’m like what is he talking about
(and i won’t play the victim)
i’m tired or whatever, hang up the phone
go back to school or whatever
so i come back to school
(i’m still young and gaining wisdom)
dean pull me in the office like
yeah so we got to suspend you
(i just need you all to listen)
suspension, what? i don’t get suspended
i’m a straight-a student, what you talking about
(best believe i’ll go the distance, yeah yeah)
yeah well, he just talking like
well, the way you got into that altercation
with those girls, the way you lunged at them
its just, that’s not a good move, like
and plus you walked out
you just gotta get suspended
(yeah, yeah, we’re gonna get serious, ohh)
so, i’m in here blacking
(we’re gonna get serious, ohh)
so, i’m like what, this is unnecessary
about to get suspended, i’m tryna graduate
just all this unnecessary stuff and i remember
as i was getting suspended, uhh my mom called me
(we’re gonna get serious, ohh)
so she like, she like yeah so you know
why your brother called you on saturday night right
(we’re gonna get serious, ohh)
so i’m like yeah, w-ssup
so she like, he drove his car into a truck
(i’m going to tell you the truth now)
he tried to commit suicide
f-ck? what? so i’m here
(we’re gonna get serious, ohh)
my dean like it’s going to be alright man
just hold your head
so i’m like, im remember, i’m going home
(shit just got serious, ohh)
just crying and shit like
why this had to happen to me

{bridge 2}
(you can fight your demons on your own)
why this had to happen to me
(you can’t expect everyone to leave you alone)
why this had to happen to me
(no, you can’t, you can’t ohhh)
why this had to happen to
why this had to happen to me
(why this had to happen)
why this had to happen to
why this had to happen to
(why oh why why)
what did i do to deserve this
(why oh why why)
what did i
why this had to happen to me
(what did, what did i do)
why this had to me, oh why
why why, why this had to happen to me

{verse 1}
you was my role model, i didn’t have many
you taught me how got dimes
while the skipping the penny
good grades, go to school
with life, you gave plenty of advice
i couldn’t imagine you ever taking your life, what’s right?
i couldn’t imagine you ever, losing your sight so in life?
i never thought that you you would give the up the fight?
momma in tears, i listen on the phone
i was the youngest, i had to keep us strong
these lyrics is different its deeper than the song
months before graduation didn’t make it home
carried the family, you left me all alone
i was going through so much i couldn’t bear alone
shit is crying, on those tears, i’m getting on
when you doubt, you never kept it cloudy
taught me how to be unique, not chase the clout
taught me how to find the path
never chase the route
uh, so tell me whats about, tell me what this about
tell me what’s on your mind
tell me what’s on your mind
i know you had some demons
i know that we can talk
but, i know you lost your mind
i forgave you when in time
but, i can’t look at you the same
shit cause the way, i watched you move
uh, was the day that you changed
the way i saw you move
was the day that you change
came to the house, plates on the floor
uh, thought it was a game
uh, said ah, uh, what the f-ck
i am supposed to do without you
how the f-ck i am supposed to live without you
how the f-ck, i’m supposed to leave these people
i swear them demons, man they took you evil
they took you evil, they took you
they took you evil, swear they took you evil
swear they took you evil, swear they took you evil
now tell me what im supposed to do without you