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mmbnmbn – m,51,5n lyrics


[intro: largesad]

what the f-ck uh
what the f-ck uh
you n-ggas suck uh
you n-ggas suck uh
f-ck you up uh
what the f-ck uh
oh my god
ya’ll just suck
f-ck you up uh
my b-lls itch ha

[verse: liverbleed]

f-ck what a n-gga gotta say
imma do what i want imma do it all day
chase a m-th-f-ckin bag
with my n-gga largesad and my n-gga devilsrascal yeah that n-gga in the back yuh
f-ck on yo thot n-gga grind never stop
we do what we want we do it all day chasing that bag getting the guap one day we gon be at the top
runnin from cops
counting my guap
we doing that fraud we never get caught we doing that sh-t ion give a f-ck
i’m f-ckin yo b-tch yuh

[outro: largesad]

f-ck n-gga (x6)
f-ck (x16)

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