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mo’gunz – fire out lyrics


ain’t talking fries when i say a n+gga need more chips
shoutouts to charlie but these movies need more clips
post a link on the internet need more cl!cks
no new friends i don’t really mean more cliques
just a jiggy hippy fela
like random in 82 badman this puzzle too costly you don’t have a clue
i been on my reggae but they crippin giving me the blues
f+ck am i to do with all this altitude

me say me say light it up
one night we don’t care bout higher ups
we just really wanna get that fire out
we just really wanna get that fire out

quit the negative like +n+log pictures
the fire from my pen burning these bridges
gimme sp+ce couple million of inches
cut from a different cloth you see it all in the stitching
in these teachings that push ayy ayy
parables in these titled movies i push
pull scriptures out my mind when i hit me with that
it’s do or die in these crooked times in these lies what’s truth
in the night these b+tches fly these witches thrive they do
under the covers i’m tired of acting no undercover
energy raw like i don’t wear a rubber perfectly scored like notes from my a lover
straight heat like dakar in the summer
i’m just me homie why do you bother
karma a boomerang i’m tryna take notes from the book of life
who could think a picture of a thousand words could heal the pain
bring a change
lock the heavens
seal the rains
all with these poems from my infancy