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moja – beamin’ lyrics


i come crazy
i take flight
never to be hindered upon by another individual, ya’ll crazy!
for letting a young maestro do what was intended
nonetheless i was never to high to be infatuated by this lady (okay)
year 2030, my car flies!
yet she still has my heart trapped on a distant planet
yah digg! (k)

what you really want from me (my soul)
she wanna take everything from me (but you can’t)
had a vision that we can be together
extraterrestrial cause she alienate my mind
straight to her planet, yeah i got caught (pop! pop!)
messing with my head i think she after my thoughts
she a water+sign i call her celeste
heavenly by design, how can i protest
she feel like an outer sp+ce ecstasy utopia
when she beam, beam me (woman straight out of my dreams)
she gon beam, beam me (woman straight out of my dreams)
when we beam, beam it (x2)
cause she beam, beam me

now get ready, here we go!