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monster – at last lyrics


fell it burning your soul
there’s nowhere you can hide
tonight there’ll be no excuses
tonight you’ll pay the price
at last
voices coming your way
a cold sweat runs down your spine
you know there’s no tomorrow
they’re coming to say goodnight
at last

feel it running through your veins
feel their anger, feel the shame
and remember those fragile faces
and a choice in your hands

as you’re taking your last breath
your whole life p-sses through your head
the fall of the final grain of sand
the time has come, your time has come at last

you had your chance in life
people that really cared
you never thought that mattered
now you know what it meant
at last

and now the time is coming
you say that you regret
you cry for any god’s name
but it’s too late my friend
at last

you know the the time is coming
you know the the time is coming
your time has come at last