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montell jordan – i like (the way) lyrics


1 – i like the way you walk
the s-xy way you talk
ooo i can’t help myself
baby i like
i like to kiss your lips
and when you move your hips
ooo i can’t help myself
baby i like

baby let me say what’s on my mind
take a little time to express myself
honey i think you’re fly
now i don’t have no problem
saying what i like
i like to spend some time with you
starting with tonight and i like

repeat 1

here’s the situation
i lay here on the line

meaningless relationships be wasting all my time
you are the special someone that i want to get to know
baby can’t you see it in my eye
i wanna take you home

2 – tonight lets take our time
do it nice, do it slow
baby we got nowhere to go
oh i hope you don’ t mind
oh i’m coming on real strong
i give good lovin all night long

repeat 1
repeat 1

make it hot montell, make it hot
repeat x7

repeat 2
repeat 1
repeat 1