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moodie black – jesus bound lyrics


you stripped me out im naked now
plain jane and in my shame
wild hair in promanades i gang bang and twirl my thangs
probably say the same things out the tamed fangs while i chew flames
main veins that have maintained some of same lanes that i ain’t faked
black boys in my dms stealing c+ck points while they stay strapped
big girls to a white crop eating warm flutes im like f+ck that
influenced in my backyard on my concrete that my pops spilt
wearing things unfiltered and my brown skin not bought for i get
oh oh oh im sorry
trolling it out and i can’t resist when im called for and there calling out
in my shame beyond the metaphors its automatic (inaudible), its
automatic clout
and i’m made for this with my tits held and my awkwardness and my brown tone
and i’ll admit it when you said it, you coach+lla
cause a white boy in plaid pr represents the auctioned off enemies
like (inaudible)
my b+tch says yeah gold chip, that my bra straps get stuck in
but im bad n+gga swear to black (inaudible)