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moon rice – modelo effect lyrics


what the heck
are you smoking weed without me?
it’s okay. i got modeloooooooo

this goes out to the f-cking losers of the game
f-ck coors, f-ck bud light, f-ck budweiser guinness is okay
but that modelo thooooo
this is so stupid
going out with my squad on a tuesday night
p-ssing the modelo, going left and going right
drinking here, drinking there drinking everywhere
b-tches be talking sh-t all over the town
but i can’t hear them now
modelo f-ckin loud
boys be calling me mami cuz i taste like wasabi, spicyyyyyy
got the cans
got the clubs
it don’t matter cuz we got cl-ssss
f-ck that pizza
modelo effect be hittin you but you can’t fight baaaaackkkk
you can’t fight baaaackkkkkkkkk
look he really smoked weed without me
that’s rough