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moonmanflo – clyde lyrics


[verse 1]
coffee shops, boardwalks, and parking lots
personal talks while we tryin’ to find a parking spot
i may be quiet but when i’m with you i talk a lot
i usually can’t find any words but now they off the top
it’s pretty crazy and it’s hard to explain
it’s like a refrain that eases off when you’re on the brain
and you’re such a good listener
jaw muscles tensin’ up
now i’m smilin’ harder than awkwardness when the jig is up
you know me better than i know myself
i know myself better than others
and other than you i know no other
seen sadder days like the weeknd
i let it sink in, i get to thinkin’
we need to get to linkin’
it’s a trip down to paradise
rear view pair of dice
lucky roller in a corolla you know toyota
it feels so… (yeah)
and you’re so (word)
got me speechless
it’s funny cause before you had me speakin’
but now i’m steady geekin’
you the one i’ve been seekin’
and i’ve been tweakin’
respirate a little and breathe in
that’s just the way that it go
i know the way we could go
it’s a ways away
but some times we gotta get away to get away

[hook x4]
get away to get away
to get away, to get away
get away, get away