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moonmanflo – i understand lyrics


[verse 1]
thank you
for takin’ time out ya busy schedule
don’t know why sometimes you’re hard to get to
but i get you on the move a lot
shoot i be on the moon a lot
but that was disclosed
when i told you i was an astronaut
now you not
feelin’ it
wonderin’ if you still in it
gets into ya mind and you get militant
i’m at attention
half the time you neglect to mention
what it is under ya skin that’s got you itchin’
ya intuition
tellin’ you this ain’t the one for you
i understand it
but the world gone revolve
no matter how you plan it
i guess there’s always one wish
that you can’t take for granted
if you keepin’ it 100 then it’s always slanted
if it ain’t workin’ out then you can leave the gym
’cause after the heavy liftin’
we run circles in the end
you hated the marathon
but you always would run the sprints
so i guess that i’m not surprised
that you lackin’ a second wind

[verse 2]
thank you
for all ya time and everything ya went through
guess inside ya mind you knew we been through
but that’s okay with me
never got the feelin’ that you hated me
really you just hated what we claimed to be
that just wasn’t factual
it was just somethin’ out of the actual
would’ve been better
just stayin’ casual
now we gotta figure
how to move along without a hiccup
find a better place for us to pick up
never is it easy
bound to fall charlie and yeezy
had to go get her like jeezy
gotta set it to rest
and we gotta leave it in peace
we gotta leave it to settle
in the belly of the beast
start up a new beginnin’
the sequel after the endin’
no wall for tearin’ down
and never one for the mendin’
this is one for the books
where you sit and you laugh after
writin’ another story
right after the last chapter