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møp heađ – flippin’ pancakes lyrics


can’t u see
you’re my remedy
my tylenol (my tylenol)
stuck in bed
fever to my head
and i got a cold (i got a cold)
oooo ooo

[verse 1]
flipping pancakes, switching channels
whos that big kid, its not you is it?
wear those big clothes, youll fit right in em
baggy eyes, and eyes are hiding
im afraid to show my soul
and all these demons try to get me, imma get it on my own
take the sword out of the rock and then excalibur the bone
need a milli for the fam and then a milli for my bros
dreaming flashy connotations, with a pocket full of dro

you know ur always on my mind
i think about u all the time x2
and you’re the only medicine that i need
can’t you see
you’re the only medicine that i need
my remedy

[verse 2]
run it back run it back run it back
skin peel off of my face till the sundown
no f-cks to give, whats a problem to me(nothing)
barefoot on my street, dodging mosquitoes and bees
now im dodgning these hoes and im dodging the beef
like a vegan, with the beatles in my head, let it be
inner demon, n we scheming, you can catch me on the street
inner demon, n we geekin,you can scan it