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morning words – head high (the lone patron) lyrics



low to toe leanin, extremities tremblin
am i the only one that didn’t feel the earthquake gentlemen?

gone. shattered tint withers to oblivion
limited like do not turn around theres slenderman
i hope he’s a gentlemen, pretend to be friends with him
imagination is the best prize that you could win

quantity limited, only take what you can lift
makeshift , fake shit
only take the late shift
after hours corner bar, 1988 slip
buy a drink take a swig
see the world through a spliff
eyes open wider than a stones throw radius
kids spit the h-n-s shit no wonder we don’t hang with them

about to rock the morning words setlist
step back
or listen to the sounds of a neck snap
break fast
and then next thing you know hes acting wreckless
don’t throw the tele in the lake it will get wet

yo put your hands in the air if you are scared of this
there it is
show me chewed up fingernails
and weather beatin bandages
frontin like we came to play ball
scared of never gettin picked, so we just sit against the wall
now put them hands down, because ive been where youve been

gotta hand on the door knob nobody is coming in
sketch another narrative while hiding from the beast
who is sharping his teeth in the room while you sleep
are you pulling out the weed or only watering the seed
do you sink into the sea or float away with every breeze
while looking party war torn
like im one of the foresworn
my sunday best is a vest that says i couldn’t afford more
i’m at the neighborhood gun store, ready for war or
ready for whatever really ready for one more
and its open toe season, broke its no secret
when we leave for the weekend
we burn up the cement
nope its no secret, we b-mp beats and freak em’
and known to be prone to getting low on the weekend
dope for no reason
see what i mean kids
it’s utterly rediculus
were flowin over mentalist