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morning words – morning words (is scared of everything) lyrics



ill try to get this one right

life through the eyes of a pawn
honestly gone, honestly numb
do you wanna kick need a lift rockin’ trips
sharing spliffs
sipped coffee on rocket ships
when the kick drum hits we forget the things that we love to miss
the only option is
to let it play
let is spin
my mind is twisted but its very simple
yeah i’m here to win but i’m scared of it
the fear is gone with some 10’s, these were my friends
now we only take trips now and then
i can’t wait to see them again


hi i’m back
heres another me
don’t forget that
it will be a couple of weeks of sleep, yeah
back to the chase
what up
all i gotta say is
i can fit a couple more bags in my backpack sitten in the back of my hatchback
and i hope i can even the score, you better believe you will leave with a scar
so don’t go far from the bar ’till i hide all the parts and depart from the lot
that resides in the dark
they are hiding in my parking spot
no need for alarm, please remain calm we are just here to write this song
the device is on, so this picture perfect life goes on in a fashion that makes us
liars all the time in-between the lifeless smiles
burned out tired burnin tires road trip miles by a couple of fighters
you are the lighter, fuck, fuck fuck
she is the fuel and i am the fire

(matty g)

knives come alive in the dark, sound the alarm
narrowly escape to the grace of the car
stay patient wait for the signal, t minus 5 and its time for lift off
lately i’ve noticed that its too easy to be an optimist, looking down on the lawn
riding shotgun in the c-ckpit of a little yellow rocket ship, shit
-too easy to feel so tall when the year seems small
thinking i can conquer it all, its a long way to fall
count up the cost, risk and reward space vs a place at the bar
anchor the heart, take to the stars from a place in the car
while i’m gone could you feed my dog
and don’t forget to mow the lawn

‘we were so high that it looked strange to me, something like what you might see in a dream’