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mr vegas – oh, johnny! lyrics


[intro x2:]
dime donde estas, para ir a buscarte

[chorus x2:]
a this mi hear di gal in my car “oh johnny, oh johnnyä
gal a climb all back way up wall “oh johnny, oh johnny”

[verse 1:]
girls love play wid him dem love bade “bath” with him
two woman police se him and waan guh po raid with him
latino girl she dem waan fi parade wid him
a woman spot him and wan guh miami dade wid him
but if a girl ever touch him pon him head enuh
same time him rise up all from the dead enuh
which part yuh find him up in a di bed enuh
wrap up in a rubber sheet and spread enuh
but a so him stay from him little and a grow
any which part him go him waan put on a show
when a christmas time him seh him waan blow blow
from him born him a par thick thick wid di one name joe
when him see pretty girl him a jump up h-llo
any which part dem a go she a deh him waan fi go
when pretty girls see him dem a shout out h-llo
oh johnny oh johnny this is where they want him go

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
last night johnny buck a girl name tori
tek har a him house a tell har bed time story
shi start to cry and him tell har seh nuh worry
shi get scared and run out a him house in a hurry
but shi affi come back shi caan do wid out him
shi ago m-ssage him head wid little vasiline
shi she shi love and shi caan live without him
oh johnny oh johnny this mi hear shi a sing
now har friend dem hear har now dem dem waan fi meet him
debbie and har sista see him and a greet him
hud him up tight and she dem waan fi keeep him
all di one antonette she shi waan fi freak him

dime donde estas, para ir a buscarte
dime donde estas, para ir a buscarte