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mstrkrft – party line lyrics


where do you get off
talking to me like that
don’t you know i love you
that’s a fact
i treat you bad
but you’re all good
you know
you know its the-
the way i should
you’ve been out of line
now let’s take some time
to talk about
what we’ve got to do
things are gonna get tough
get you through it
let me talk to you now
no one’s gonna hold your hand anymore
its tough
get used to it
its paper from now on
you’re looking and not looking
(?) some trash (?)
get used to it
need to remind you
we’re all in this together
get used to it
playtime is over
get used to it
we’re having a talk now
just you and me
get used to it
we’re in the jungle
bout to (?) it up
take you down
get used to it