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mtp – 2 feet (remix) lyrics


[verse 1: d3adb3ats]
when i come back it’ll be tenfold
driving round in a maserati or benzo, look ma i made it, my hobby made me a million
never thought i’d be able to stack it up to the ceiling
but i’m reeling in the money, i’m reeling in the dough
always taken from me, where’d the money go?
raking on my passion always tryna take control
forget the label, f#ck your feelings, i can do this on my own
i can do this on my own 2 feet, i don’t need a handout just to make ends meet
always self acquired, never take defeat
depending on n0body i don’t get no sleep, work work repeat
the process seems nonsense, your heart can’t be weak
it seems so uncommon to have this belief in yourself when the future can seem bleak as h#ll
idk if you can tell
and idk if i’m just falling apart or if the fear of f#cking failure makes it harder to start
another task is an endeavour, i’m just tryna be better instead of staring at the clouds feeling under the weather
i’d rather take a chance, shoot my shot
put on a show for the espionage
regardless who watches im not forgotten, with or without that rolex wrist watch
clock is tick tocking down, i don’t need n0body that just stand around
i need company that’ll go pound for pound, if you can’t keep up, then you’re bound to drown
i’m bound to swim, i’m bound to float
i’m bound to win, that’s all i know
i can’t pretend like i’ve never sinned but i won’t repent, i’ve no fear to show

[verse 2: mtp]
when i come back it’ll be tenfold
drive a rari or maybe buy a baguette so (skrrt)
we getting bread, we change it over to french
never thought i’d be able to, that is why there’s suspense
little boy will not amount to nothing# heard it all before (yup)
all the greatest rappers came from this sentence of course (uh)
speaking of, rip juice, rip nip, rip x (rip)
we could never catch a break (f#ck)
rather do this on my own 2 feet (yup)
f#ck your hand, out goes all years of (hoe)
practicing rapping and mastering rhyming in fashion
i’m doin’ it, beefing was never a thought (never a thought)
i’m running it, no questions asked (asked), motherf#ck you and your “gas”
lil b#tch, i can not relax
i’m running rap like a gas station (nation), 24/7 (patience)
i don’t know if i’m just lacking behind or if the work that i’ve been putting in amounting to flies
another task that i’m just doing to secure ‘nother bag or can i rap and just live comfortably with what i can sell
i’d rather take a chance and shoot my shot and put on a show for the fans down in the crowd
guardless, with no hits on my head, ‘another hit for my belt, write it down in resume
can i please just resume, aye
they go ‘mtp the greatest’, i could never tell
only thought up in them rappers mind, “how much i can sell” (how much can i sell)
d#mn, this sh#t sucks, afraid to live with low#low numbers
only downing lo#qu powder
they go ‘mtp the greatest’, how much can i sell ? (how much can i sell ?)
i can feel the fame crawling up my brain (crawling up my brain)
then i wake up, realize it was all a dream (it was all a dream)
then i go back to work ‘cause i haven’t done sh#t (haven’t done sh#t)
sh#t (haven’t done sh#t, haven’t done sh#t)
mtp, (uh, uh, uh) yeah