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murkman – royce’s vanguard rhyme schemes lyrics


rarely is there an emcee who defies monotony in any manner of writing rap (hooks, verses, bridges, etc.), even in the way which he constructs the signatures to his rhyme schemes – it has to the one and only, who’s “… is ryan daniel montgomery”. who in his own words, “…not a gangsta, drug dealer, or thug n-gg-/just an emcee who’s name found his own rhyme style”
the phrase, ‘rhyme style’ wouldn’t be sufficient, to entail all the ways he prioritizes rhyming technique a part of his. in an upper cl-ss of sheer elite, grade-a technical rhymers from the d (and entire midland region), the man is a legend on a slightly higher tier, above his contemporaries. he usually collaborates with another god level rhymer/best friend elzhi, and has traded bars with eminem for about half of their careers. he’s so revered, new school detroit spitters like big sean (a commercial giant, despite his short stature) have been brought under his wing, and taken his style

before delving into his past, this’ll start with the present style to see how far he’s calibrated his rhyming from the late 90’s. here’s just one of a many prhyme examples, of an unmatched display of effortless proficiency

in 2014, sober and clear focused royce on his first duo debut with dj premier on “prhyme”revitalized his hype for being considered a top level emcee, with “wishin'” a standout track like most off the alb-m. the song features 4 huge verses, from the battle rap-hardened veteran. for surprises, had the chi-town legend common provide a magnificent feature verse -hearkening to the style from his “be” alb-m days

a. “wishin'” verse 1 and verse 2

a2. common’s feature
a3. verse 3 and verse 4