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murphy lee – red hot riplets lyrics


“red hot riplets”
(feat. nelly, ali, kyjuan)

[verse 1: nelly]
uh, uh, uh, uh
i’m automatical, infatical, radical even
i wanna clear all the misconceptions and sh-t you believe in
i’m leavin’ nothin’ to the imagination
i want to earn my emanc-p-tion proclamation
through the radio stations
facin’ me, ain’t that hard but it ain’t that easy
like i don’t know when to play hard and when to play easy
believe me, george and weezy couldn’t move up this fast
i’m lappin’ everybody can’t tell if i’m first or last
it won’t hurt you -ss, but it might hurt your -ss
to come trippin’, find dirty got the perfect stash
the perfect gat, left in you -ss thought i would run
laughin’ at them n-gg-s who thought dirty was done
i’m a, son, i’m not a son of b-tch
i’m makin’ sure that my son and my sons gonna be rich
daughters and my daughters in no particular order
i leave em laying up out the water wit straps to protect they ball up
’cause i call it

[hook (ali & nelly) x2:]
i need some kool-aid (whaa?)
wit my red hot riplets
(tell ’em what you, tell ’em what mean man)
you all that and a bag of chips
and i just wanna know if me and you can dip
that’s all

[verse 2: kyjuan]
baby girl you’re sweeter than kool-aid, the red flavor
“ooh that’s my favorite”, yeah i know my game is major
she gave me her card, she said i can page her
i was gonna wait a couple of days but i did her a favor
call her now, invite myself awake the neighbors
beatin’ loud, swoopin’ like a caped crusader
without the cape, without the tights
her baby daddy was the type to have a truck like mine
no beach rims, no door pipes
of course that, i love her apple bottom short set
she got upset, i said she couldn’t fire up a cigarette
small brat, ain’t used to cats with short stacks
if you ask me for some, drop her off where the porch at
i’m on a mission, turn the keys in the ignition
beat steady, beatin’ tweeter steady whistlin’
she’s seen my glisten, started to trip
murph, she’s all that and a bag of chips

[hook (ali & nelly) x2]

[verse 3: murphy lee]
look, i want some mushu whether i’m in cali or cancun
no goin’ out, i like to stay in my d-mn room
(d-mn!) she got a donkey-o, this must be a d-mn zoo
(ooh!) look at the monkey your, she must be a baboon!
please don’t feed me mama i’m like an animal
especially after 12, can you handle my stamina?
you won’t believe the things i say when you walk by
my game cool but when it’s on but it’s hot when i talk high
now ought i, take you home but am i wrong
i’m a kid ma, you know i don’t wanna be home alone
plus i felt summin there when we was dancin’ on that song
i like togetherness, can we all get along?
can we all, get in my car and talk about it in the morn’
and make decisions when wake up and yawn
come on, you can tell me if you like it or not
cause i’m gonna have my kool-aid and my riplets red hot

[hook (ali & nelly) x2]

[verse 4: ali]
yo, yo, them motherf-ckers just too d-mn hot
n-gg- like the pie in the window
cross the gun line and even get shot to find the indo
eatin’ red hot, riplets promotin’ p-ssin’ out snippets
seen you walkin’ wit the triplets, i’m clubbin lookin’ terrific
i need some kool-aid, sh-t i got to get it wit it
put my spoon up in you pitcher see if it fit up in it
(and) smoke for a second (and) told her i’ll wreck it
told her groupie connection, got in the room and told her get naked
told the lunatics, told her how i reflect it
lemme show you from the show-me, no talk for sure respect it
and you red hot, b-tt and now you say you hearin’ not
it’s the rap fred flintstone, i makin’ the bed rock
i give it to you never failing you, handlin’ business i’m tellin’ you
you ever need me again i’m gonna be through in on my cellular
and i’m gonna store y’all never on the red hot riplets and kool-aid
(kool-aid!)..i need my money n-gg-..