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muze sikk – lemon fields forever lyrics


we only got one shot
imma have to take it
bringing home the bacon
all that bullsh+t haters talking left their ass forsaken
no one can save them

imma god d+mn mf boss man
swear to god i ain’t mf stopping
again and again and again
i come back with a buzzer to beat for the game
floating around like a june bug
finding my truth in the truest love
ya here we go
she told me i’m crazy
i said “i ain’t crazy enough”
and i don’t wanna fight boo
i just wanna psych you up
lemon fields forever
never ending pleasure
it’s ours
your the answer to my question
my curse and your my blessing
you are
you are

lying naked in my arms
having a heart to heart
can’t keep you off my brain
when your away i go insane
you’re the north star in my constellation
falling for your charm
where our love was born
swear to god i’m gonna make ya
my main b+tch
my mistress for the night
with the utmost respect
do you wanna have s+x
the hardest part of loving you
is letting you go when i don’t want to
but i got priorities
i gotta make these moves
i gotta hit the road
i gotta zoom
on to the next one
yes i must confess hun
i’ve been plotting on you
tryna make them panties drop
or put em to the side
just let my tongue slide while ya legs open wide