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muze sikk – premium lyrics


i can’t compromise
i was built for number one
so i’m sorry you will have to take a l
i hypothesize with the facts and i see that it’s inevitable
i will never fail

they wonder what it takes
i don’t have the time to question
standing on my own two feet
i eat deception
up and then i spit
solid gold bars
like a grill
for real

i don’t feel a thing
that’s the difference; i don’t settle
we the type to seek further
had to build this here
when it wasn’t enough
i figured out i was a learner

the days are numbered
the seconds sail away
and they never come back mf
you better pull your sh+t together
or you’ll wake up knowing it’s too d+mn late
i motivate myself
f+ck a book
all that quackery is actually a fallacy
i’m good
i don’t profit offa insecurity
that’s like a parody of parodies
i barely sincerely apologize

i’m a assh0l+ and a d+ckhead
ya a brick in a wall
that’s too tall
you need a power pole to vault
drowning in the ice
line is way too fine
my pie; it doesn’t slice
your running outta lies

metaphysical residuals
wake then i bake up that’s the mf ritual
sitting on your sofa for so long
cognitive dissonance for those who never strove on
it’s the mf sikk typhoon through your open eyes
bile will just pile while my bio is unrivaled
b+tch talk sh+t
get a mouthful of try hard
dressed for success
it took forever to compile bars
sh+tting on another mans efforts
that’s wack sh+t
you cannot accomplish anything without practice
that’s worthwhile
driven and never poignant
never asked for anything
let alone sympathy

and every step is premium
they say i’m crazy just for dreaming on
dreaming on
dreaming on