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mxpx – the hoo-ha jangle lyrics


please stop all the talking
’cause we’ve heard it all before
i’m not buying what you’re selling
although it’s hard not to ignore

just read what has been written
without knowing what it means
your ethics are a joke
your so-called business is obscene

settle down you’ll have a heart attack
take a deep breath, just relax
sit yourself down and lean back

the hoo-ha jangle
will entangle
the hoo-ha jangle
will enstrangle
you, will entangle, you

you move on to the next town
flip the channel, turn the page
presumers selling rumors
trying not to show their age

this human interest object
only speak when spoken to
just read the teleprompter
stay on message or you’re through

[pre-chorus, chorus]

this noise on top of noise
is worthless propa-pandering.
it gets our people nowhere
leaves our precepts floundering