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mystic prophecy – together we fall lyrics


welcome, my k!ller friend
welcome in my horizon
where the darkness falls
in my world of black in blind
like a devil through my brain
holy father, please take my pain
no time to compromise
like a shot between the eyes

sacrifice for one more night
i can see the other side
i surrender my soul to the demons that i call

together we fall
running through the end of night
can you see the other side?
forever for you be d-mned tonight
together we fall
hand in hand walk through the light
across with me the secret line
surrender and fall
together we fall

evilized for one more time
i close my eyes and cross the line
deep in my brain, soul within
against my fear i try to win
every morning, every night i see
mirror of deception speaks to me
goodbye my inner fear
my k!ller friend, my dear

now spin the wheel and cast your spell
but all you find is h-ll
betray the demons where you call