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mystic underground – townies lyrics


here in the suburbs where dreams turn to debttheir
life’s only function is to work, sleep, then die
you know the townies
they live here and here’s where they’ll stay
day turns to night
live like rats in a maze
all work no play
i know that you want to leave this town
run around and lay on a park bench miles away
two hands, two feet, not enough this day and age
you’ve got a job to do
no time for hopes and dreams
your friends might push but your friends will keep you
in this great rat race
they need to get ahead
so pack your bags and don’t think of looking back
because there’s nothing to fear but a life of regrets
you know that
people they talk
they’ll never see it through
it takes a lot of guile
a lot of fort-tude

to live a life where the struggle leads somewhere
too many cry, while the others run and hide
i’ve seen strong minds fall
strong men reduced to tears
suburban life, it will slowly kill you off
the brave ones flee while the fearful stay in bed
don’t join the ranks of the nameless, faceless
transparent people live in cardboard houses
sh-ll of a former life watching t.v.
lost in the shuffle and caught on the shard
should you move on or be part of the fold
brainwash yourself
it will come in good time
this is the life that you’ve always dreamed of
you know that…
the wife, 2.2 kids, the color t.v.
you got what you wanted
you still feel unsure
you’re one of the many
a face on the street
you wasted it
you had it
you had it for sure