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mystifier – free spirit flight lyrics


surrounded by rules that limit their thoughts.
chained to obsolete conceptions regarding this world.
victim of own malicious tricks and faults.
inferior ones consent upon superior ones’ words.

to whom it may concern.
i abominate gods.
to whom it may concern.
i abominate remorse.

the free spirit flies above men’s doctrines and cages.
the free spirit flies with own values and sense.
constructing and destroying.
changing and reevaluating.
men’s doctrines and sense.
destroying and constructing.
changing and reevaluating.
there are no limits in his sense.

strongmen decline to worship idols and gods.
they refuse the judeo-christian morality.
inclination for forbidden questions and notes.
conscience for truths that have remained in obscurity.

i compare pragmatism to cages.
humankind confined in cages.
distortion of the truth.
decadence of the values.
christian morality.
it is the weak ones’ stupidity.

the free spirit flies.
so high.
like eagles’ eye.
the free spirit flies.
so high.
spreading his wings in the sky.